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Modeling and Experimentation of Solar Powered Scooter (2012)

Acyatan, Marc Christan N.
Clet, Josef Carlos Chino A.
Ronquillo, Gerald James K.


-Nowadays, the growing demand for power is causing the world to deplete some of its natural resources. One of these resources is fossil fuels; these fuels are used in vast application like powering machines that use combustion engines. Also, this amount of consumption threatens the environment by producing huge amounts of greenhouse gasses which increases the earth’s temperature, thus produces harmful changes in our surroundings. Because of these, scientists and engineers are motivated to find ways to tap energy from renewable sources like solar, hydro, bio fuel and wind as an alternative for fossil fuels.

One of the known alternative sources of energy is the Solar Power. It uses sunlight in order to produce the necessary electricity to run electronic driven machines. Few of these things are solar mobile phone chargers, solar dc lighting systems, solar power kits and more. Moreover, solar technology is also known to use in developing transport vehicles which gave rise to solar powered cars. Now, further developments for solar technologies are being pursued, like making it lighter, thinner and cheaper. With that, various solar enthusiasts have been incorporating these technologies to other forms of vehicles, one of which are electric scooters.


Engr. Isidro Marfori
Engr. Martin Kalaw
Dr. Jose Manuel Biona
Dr. Alvin Chua.