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Conversion, Modification And Performance Evaluation Of A Subaru Robin EH035 To An Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Engine (2012)

ARANETA, Juan Miguel Carlo
DY, Lance Elison
TORRES, Andre Lloyd


-"Modern society has improved a lot since the dawn of man. Mankind has found more ways to utilize our natural resources to bring the standard of living a leap forward. As times go by, energy demands have been rising in an exponential rate and as a result, these resources are slowly diminishing. One of these diminishing resources is fossil fuel, a great portion of which is utilized for transportation; this raises the issue on efficiency. Most commercially available engines are mass-produced to lower cost and, as a result, these engines may not exactly be very efficient. For this reason, this study discusses several methods in which a better engine efficiency can be achieved. The subject engine for this study is a Robin EH035 4-stroke engine used commonly for grass cutters. Aside from converting to an electronic fuel injection system, the engine internals have been modified to reduce the amount of parasitic losses of rotational inertia and fluid flow. The engine was subjected to dynamometer testing several times to be able to quantify the improvement after each step of the conversion and optimization process. Piston mass, cylinder head ports and cam profile are the variables in this study and power, torque, and fuel efficiency are the parameters greatly considered.

The experimental results showed a significant increase in all the aforementioned parameters as compared to the data gathered from the baseline test as well as the specification sheet provided by the manufacturer. This experiment aims to provide a small –scale model for reference and applications for much larger engines."


Dr. Jose Bienvenido Manuel M. Biona