Thesis Archive

Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Portable Brine, Immersion Refrigeration System (2012)

Juan Ezekiel Benito
Raymund Andrew T. Figueroa
Ronald Fidel M. Gallardo
Ian Francis P. Manicio


-The following thesis documents contain the successful design and fabrication of a brine immersion refrigeration system. To be more exact, it is a portable brine immersion chiller. This project is geared towards reducing fish spoilage by means of maintaining the desired temperature of the product to maintain good quality without constant energy input. The fish product is immersed in the brine which is cooled to sub-zero temperatures. The purpose of this is mainly to prolong the useful life of the fish product and delay the growth of spoilage-causing bacteria. With respect to portability, the system design is compact and has the feature of mobility therefore making it easily transportable.

Testing the functions of the brine immersion chiller involved subjecting the system to different conditions and temperatures. The various tests also considered different combinations of brine load and product load. With each test, the quality of the fish would be measured on a physical descriptive basis taking into consideration meat hardness, condition of the fish scales, crystallization, and the color of the gills, eyes, and meat.

Based on the actual testing, the qualities of the fish that were mentioned earlier were obtained. After immersion, the fish can be stored to a container without any cooling medium and it can prolong the storage time of the fish while delaying its decline from up to 2-3 days. The immersing of fish in the brine chiller in a low temperature makes the quality of the fish preserved thus preventing the growth of bacteria and prolonging the life and freshness of the fish.

It took the system 9 hrs to bring down the 28C of 45L brine to the required temperature of -20C. All of the design and testing parameters have been under the strict regulations of ASHRAE, DOA and SEAFDEC.


Dr. Archie Maglaya