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Design, fabrication and Testing of a Simple, Low-Cost Binary Electronic Load Controller for Micro-Hydro Power (2012)

John Thaddeus C. Sarmiento
Dior Trinidad
Revin Briam Vasallo


-This study aims to develop, assemble and test a low-cost electronic load controller for a micro-hydro plant. When applied to future micro-hydro projects, it will be an independent control unit, harnessing supply power from the plant‘s generator. The load controller uses simple and robust electronic components, primarily composed of integrated circuits and employs binary coded decimal logic in order to balance system loads. Such design contributes to simpler and straightforward operation, and facilitates easier repair and maintenance, thus reducing cost.

Data and results obtained from different testing levels show that the controller responds well in both gradual and abrupt changes in the main load.


Engr. Isidro ―Ingko‖ Marfori