Industry-Academe Linkages

Organizational Framework

To facilitate the implementation of the programs and activities of the IAL, the following organizational structure has been set up:

  1. The COE Linkage Board is the planning and policy-making body of the whole system. Represented in the board are the Dean, Vice-Dean, Department Chairpersons, COE Board of Advisers, Graduate Director, CERTC Director and the IAL Director.
  2. The IAL Committee, composed of the Director and the Coordinators from the six COE departments, is the executive and coordinating body of the system. The IAL Director is responsible to the college for the operation of the IAL Office. Specifically, the IAL committee provides the following services:
    • Identifying appropriate industry-related activities for COE students and faculty.
    • Monitoring the status of the activities within the company, including benefits derived by the company from each activity in the form of any of the following:
      • Plant visit/seminar - reaction papers
      • Research/term paper/thesis - written and oral reports
      • Practicum - written reports and company evaluations
      • Training/consultancy - faculty and company evaluations
    • Providing periodic report to the IAL Board.
    • Attending to the administrative matters entailed by the above activities
  3. Specifically, the responsibilities of each Department Coordinator are:
    • Orientation of students about proper attitudes and behavior inside the shop floor, particularly towards the employees.
    • Monitoring of attendance and activities of students and/or faculty in the company
    • Providing the committee with summary reports and students' and/or faculty's feedback from each activity.
    • Implementation of the College's Practicum Policies and Guidelines.
    • Reporting to the committee all matters involving any development, implementation, evaluation, and modification of industry-related program and activity of his/her department.
    • Assistance in the selection of faculty involvement in any linkage activities.
    • Assistance in the development of marketing strategies for the CERTC.
    • Assistance in the dissemination of information covering Industry-Academe Linkage