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The office of the Industry-Academe Linkage was established in the 1990s to facilitate the development of symbiotic relationships between the College of Engineering and partners from different industrial sectors. Initially, the partnerships were meant to support the newly implemented mandatory industry internships for the undergraduate engineering programs - the first institutionalized program of its kind in the Philippines. The Industry-Academe Linkage has since expanded its role, and it now acts as a dynamic liaison unit with industry counterparts in order to identify opportunities to develop innovative solutions for technological and industrial problems in aid of national development.

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The mission of the Industry-Academe Linkage is to foster ties with individual companies and industrial associations through continual dialogue with these partners. This interface is envisioned to keep the College of Engineering's research and academic programs responsive to industry needs and relevant to national development goals.


  • To provide venues for continual dialogue with various industrial sectors through symposia, exhibitions and roundtable discussions.
  • To help identify relevant directions for the College of Engineering's research thrusts and academic programs based on up-to-date feedback from industry partners.
  • To maintain congenial relations with industry partners committed to supporting the College of Engineering's industrial internship programs in the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • To identify opportunities for extending relations with industry through various activities, including commissioned research projects and topic-oriented technical seminars.


The Industry-Academe Linkage Office consists of a committee of representatives from the academic departments in the College of Engineering, and is headed by the Linkage Director. The unit functions under the Office of the Dean, and interfaces closely with other academic and research units in the College.

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