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Industry-Academe Linkage

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On-The-Job Training Program Evaluation Form

The following instrument is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the On-the-Job (OJT) Training Program you had at the company. Please check (√) the appropriate box corresponding to the rating you provide for each of the question asked. The results of this evaluation shall serve as basis for improving the design and management of the OJT in the College to maximize the benefits of the said Program. Thank you for you cooperation.

 Student Information *- Required field

Student No.  
Course                          Year  *
Host Company *
Company Supervisor *
Period of Work     to     *
Faculty Supervisor *

 Evaluation Form *- Required field
Legend:  SA-Strongly Agree, A-Agree, N-Neutral, D-Disagree, SD-Strongly Disagree

Item# Question Criteria (Ratings) 
1-8 DLSU Evaluation  SA
*1. The College/department conducted an orientation about the OJT program, the requirements and preparations needed, and its expectations
Remarks/ Suggestions
*2. The College/Department provided the necessary assistance such as referrals or recommendations in finding the company for your OJT
Remarks/ Suggestions
*3. The department showed coordination with the company in the design and supervision of your OJT
Remarks/ Suggestions
*4. The academic preparations (ie., prerequisite courses) is adequate to undertake company assignment and its challenges
Remarks/ Suggestions
*5. The department provided monitoring of your OJT progress in the company
Remarks/ Suggestions
*6. The supervision of the department been effective in achieving your OJT objectives and providing feedback, when necessary
Remarks/ Suggestions
*7. The department conducted assessment of your OJT program upon completion
Remarks/ Suggestions
*8. The department provided you with the results of the company and DLSU’s assessment of your OJT
Remarks/ Suggestions
9-19 Host Company Evaluation
*9. The company appropriate for your type of training required and/or desired
Remarks/ Suggestions
*10. The company designed the training to meet your objectives and expectations
Remarks/ Suggestions
*11. The company showed coordination with DLSU in the design and supervision of the OJT
Remarks/ Suggestions
*12. The company and its staff welcomed you and treated you with respect and understanding
Remarks/ Suggestions
*13. The company facilitated the training, including the provision of the necessary resources such as facilities and equipment needed to achieve your OJT objectives
Remarks/ Suggestions
*14. The company assigned a supervisor to oversee your work
Remarks/ Suggestions
*15. The supervisor been effective in his/her supervision through regular meeting, consultation or advise
Remarks/ Suggestions
*16. The training provided you with the necessary technical and administrative exposure of real world engineering problems and practice
Remarks/ Suggestions
*17. The training program allowed you to develop self-confidence, self-motivation and positive attitude towards work
Remarks/ Suggestions
*18. The experience improved your personal skills and human relations
Remarks/ Suggestions
*19. I see the company as a future employer capable of providing excellent career opportunities
Remarks/ Suggestions