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Flood Risk Indexing and Mapping of District 5 (Malate Area) (2013)

ORLINA, Reymark


-Metro Manila has always been considered as one of the flood prone areas in the Philippines. It is also vulnerable to heavy typhoons that bear heavy rains and thunderstorms which in turn induce Flooding that brings about risk to the inhabitants and the structures in the area. The frequency of typhoon and the monsoon season cause major and minor flooding incidences living in this densely populated city.

The Disaster Risk Risk is defined by the indicators Hazard, Exposure, and Vulnerability which consist of sub-indicators. The results of the study show that District V, Malate area is rated as moderate to low risk damage to properties using QGIS. Furthermore, the study shows that barangay 692, 704, 717, 702, and 715 are rated within moderate risk where the other barangays have Low risk rating. The risk of damage to properties is found to be due to the depth of flood as well as the exposure of the area to flood that affected the community. The Flood Risk Index and Mapping can be used as a tool to assess the environment of Malate area and give assistance to the residents and local government units in determining which areas are most at risk during flooding. It can also be used to determine the different factors that can affect the risk of damage to properties.


Dr. Danilo C. Terante