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Flood risk assessment study of water distribution system in Surigao City (2013)

CRUZ, Israel Tymothy John
GALANG, Frederick
VALDEZ, Jose Joshua
VASQUEZ, Paolo Marie Martin


-Fresh water has always been a big necessity in cities all around the world, specifically in Surigao City. This City is constantly facing natural disasters and threats such as earthquakes, landslides and flooding. This study aims to analyze the Surigao Metropolitan Water District’s (SMWD) water distribution system by overlaying the pipe system generated by the software EPANET and with different return periods through the software HEC-RAS and compiling them with the use of Q-GIS. In the study, the group would want to take note of the districts that would be facing floods with high levels and also take note of connections in the water distribution system that would be submerged under water when the said return periods hit the city. The result of the study is to analyze all the parts of the water distribution system, tanks, and independent sources exposed to flooding. The last part of the study is to identify what streets with a respective tapping point are accessible or not in terms of repair and aide. The results of the data were then presented to SMWD and the local government of SMWD for validation.


Dr. Mario P. De Leon