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The generation of fragility curves of a pier under high magnitude earthquakes: A case study of the Metro Rail Transit-3 pier (2013)

REQUISO, Dareen Adrian


-This paper focuses on the development of seismic fragility curves for a single bridge pier. Using an analytical approach, the fragility curves are to be constructed along with actual strong motion records and the as-built plan of the MRT-3 piers. With the as-built MRT-3 pier plans, a computer model was created using SAP2000 and both nonlinear static analysis and nonlinear dynamic analysis was performed to obtain the damage indices of for the bridge piers. Using the damage indices and the ground motion indices, the fragility curves for the bridge were constructed assuming a lognormal distribution. The developed fragility curves are then used to further expound on the behavior of the MRT-3 piers when subjected to a high magnitude earthquake.


Dr. Lessandro O. Garciano