Thesis Archive

Deep foundation reference for Metro Manila (2013)

GOZUM, Noel Lester
TELAN, Jon Arnel
TORRES, Victor Carlo
UYTENGSU, Timothy Scott


-The study focuses on the analysis of the pile capacity and pile length for various cities of Metro Manila. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) N-values from soil reports were used to compute for the geotechnical parameters such as the undrained shear strength and the angle of internal friction which were directly applied in the computation of the allowable pile capacity. The estimation of the pile length, on the other hand, was done by means of determining the depth of the refusal or rock layer. Soil exploration is always a requirement whenever there is a construction project being done. In pile design, if there are no soil explorations done in the site, the allowable geotechnical pile capacity cannot be determined. In line with this problem, the study offers additional source for structural engineers in designing driven and bored piles which is providing deep foundation reference for Metro Manila. The reference manual also includes the proposed pile length for locations inside Metro Manila and some other geologic information about all the cities of the said area. The proposed minimum pile length and the allowable pile capacity values for each city are plotted to establish a contour map. The contour map Metro Manila for the engineers to know the strength of the soil that would be vii supporting the piles that would be designed. The reference would also include the proposed pile length for locations all over the National Capital Region and other information about Metro Manila and the cities and municipality that may help the structural engineer. By means of the collected borehole data, the allowable pile capacity was computed, which was shown in the reference as a series of contour maps. The contour maps were provided as to show an overview of the soil’s pile capacity at various locations in the National Capital Region or Metro Manila. The contour maps presented vary by means of the design of pile, the size of the pile and the proposed pile length for a specific city or municipality and for the entire Metro Manila. A Geographic Information System (GIS) database was made so as to have storage for the collected borehole data and their locations. The database can be updated for the availability of new data.


Dr. Grace Padayhag-Gueta