Thesis Archive

A study on the confinement effects of fiber reinforced mortar (FRM) on reinforced concrete columns (2013)

OROPEL, Joseph Christopher
SY, Jerome Caldrich


-The study shows the potential of two fibers namely synthetic and cellulose fibers in retrofitting RC columns when using them as a jacketing material. The fibers were used as the reinforcing agent for the mortar which will in turn be the jacket for the RC column specimen. The aim of this research is to quantify the effectiveness of the retrofit. Evaluating how effective the retrofitting done on the specimen would be determining the confinement effect of each specimen. The research conducted a compression test using the Universal Testing Machine with a capacity of 1000 kN on a total of twenty one (21) reinforced concrete column specimens with fiber reinforced mortar as jacket. These specimens were divided into four (4) different cases in order to investigate the compressive strengths and confinement effects of Fiber A and Fiber B in combination with no and thirty percent (30%) fly ash. The confinement effect was quantified by obtaining the individual contribution of each material that comprised the RC column specimen and subtracting them from the actual load being resisted. The percentage of the confinement effect was also obtained in order to determine the percentage contribution of the mortar jacket.


Dr. Bernardo A. Lejano