Thesis Archive

Island transport and tourism planning for Guimaras Province (2013)

CAñEZA, Racquel
LOPEZ, Amos Junius
PAJARA, Juan Rafael
TE, Alexander Chino


-The main objective of our study is to improve transportation around Guimaras tourism spots and recommend different package tours that are more affordable and efficient for the tourists. The methods used by the researchers are the network modeling in JICA Strada, travelling salesman problem and on board vehicle survey. Results show that the top tourist spot people visit is the Raymen beach resort. There are about 40 tourist spots that are near the Jordan wharf and 12 tourist spots are near the Buenavista wharf. The average time travel from wharf to tourist spots is about 25 minutes. A lot of tourist spots are located in the Municipality of Jordan. The researchers proposed a 3-day package tour. The tours are divided into different categories namely: group tour, exclusive tour, adventure tour etc. The researchers are proposing different kinds of tours which will be later shown to the tourists for them to assess what they think will be effective or suited for their stay. The researchers hope that the proposed package tour will help the province of Guimaras in their tourism promotions.


Dr. Alexis M. Fillone