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The impact of abrupt lane reduction due to work zones along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) – Magallanes road segment (2013)

ABRIL, Dave Wilbur
AGUILAR, Nica Isabela
GO, Hisa Isibella
LUCERO, Paolo Ian


-This study aims to describe and analyze the effects of sudden lane reduction along Epifanio De los Santos Avenue (EDSA) brought about by work zones during road construction. These work zones are temporary and are implemented without giving prior notice to the public. The effect of the blocking to the traffic flow is thought to be insignificant and so, no proper traffic management system is also applied. In this study, two cases of lane reduction that differs in the number and location of the closed lane are considered. It focuses on determining for both cases the changes in volume, speed, level of service, and travel time experienced by each vehicle categorized into five transportation classifications. The study used traffic studies involving volume studies, speed studies, travel- time studies, delay studies and level of service as the primary data to validate the significant effect of lane reduction caused by road construction. Furthermore, ocular evaluation is also utilized as the secondary instrument to confirm the travel time delay caused by this condition evident in the long queue length formed in the affected area.

In view of the mentioned impact of lane reduction along EDSA, there is a need for a more concrete and well-planned traffic management system to be implemented during such situations to reduce the total travel time delay experienced by motorists. Most importantly, this system will decrease the occurrence of accidents promoting not only the safety of the motorists but also of the construction workers.


Dr Alexis Filone