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Comparison of on-street parking management in Ermita-Malate and Makati CBD (2013)

DIZON, Federico
VALDEZ, Judylyn


-Ermita-Malate and Makati Central Business District (CBD) are the center of business and commerce in the Philippines. On-street parking is rampant in Ermita-Malate even in areas that do not allow it including some national roads, public utility vehicle routes and loading & unloading areas. In Makati CBD, on-street parking facilities are also widely used particularly for short-term businesses. Parking management is crucial for an efficient use of available parking resources. The main objective of this study is to compare the on-street parking management between the two study areas. The two study areas were surveyed in order to identify the establishments and institutions within the district as well as its current on-street parking conditions. Survey questionnaires were distributed to assess the efficiency of parking management in Ermita-Malate. To analyze the data gathered from the survey, SPSS program was used. The parking demand was also determined in Makati CBD. The current parking ordinances were reviewed as well.

From the data gathered, it was found out that Ermita-Malate actually has existing parking ordinances but these are not properly implemented. From the existing ordinance in Makati, several recommendations were made for Ermita-Malate specifically the three-hour parking limit. This recommendation was done to maximize the use of the on-street parking facilities. An on-street parking map was generated for Ermita-Malate area to serve as a guide for motorists to determine the proper on-street parking areas.


Dr. Grace Padayhag-Gueta