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The Civil Engineering program aims to respond to the ever increasing demand for high quality civil engineering graduates who can furnish the expertise in the provision of shelter to the Filipinos and develop the country's infrastructure. Serving both the private and the public sectors of the society, civil engineers engage in various services which include consultation, planning, design, preparation of plans, specifications and estimates, contracting, works engineering and construction project management.

Civil Engineering has grown into a diverse branch of engineering which involve various fields of specialization such as structural engineering, construction, highway engineering, hydraulics engineering, foundation engineering, and water resources engineering, among others. In response to this development, the Department of Civil Engineering at DLSU introduced innovations in the undergraduate curriculum by incorporating specialization in the field of Structural Engineering (STE), and Construction Technology and Management (CTM) starting in SY 1992-93. The areas of specialization have grown with the addition of Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering (HWR) in SY 1996-1997 and Transportation Engineering (TRE) starting in SY 1997-1998. In the succeeding years, specialization in Geotechnical Engineering (GTE) will be implemented.

The Department of Civil Engineering is consistently recognized by the Commission on Higher Education as a Center of Development.

Vision Statement

A highly respected civil engineering department widely known for its excellence and social relevance in the fields of education, research and innovation in Asia.

Mission Statement

A resource of competent, ethical and socially responsible civil engineering leaders and professionals that serve as catalyst to national and regional development.


The BSCE program at DLSU was re-established in 1987 to meet the country's need for top-calibre civil engineers who will spearhead nation building through infrastructure development. The CE Program was being offered as one of the undergraduate courses at DLSU in 1950's, but was later on discontinued for some reasons. The program was revived by Dr. Romeo Estanero and Dr. Angel Lazaro III, who served as Dean of the College of Engineering. Among the reasons cited by Dr. Estanero on why there is a need to open a CE program at DLSU were:

  • Inadequacy of qualified civil engineers in practice.
  • Other schools are not research-oriented.
  • Weak graduate and undergraduate programs of other schools.
  • The need to address specialized problems in civil engineering.

The first batch of DLSU CE students graduated in April 1991. Since its re-establishment in 1987, DLSU has produced more than 1200 civil engineers who are presently working in government, design and construction companies or managing their own construction or consulting firms. Cognizant of the demand for civil engineers who can address problems related not only to housing and infrastructure but also to problems on flooding, water crisis, pollution, urban traffic and disaster mitigation, DLSU Civil Engineering Department pioneered a BSCE program with specializations in (a) Construction Management and Technology (CTM), (b) Structural Engineering (STE), (c) Hydraulics and Water Resources (HWR), and (d) Transportation Engineering (TRE). The BSCE Program can be completed in four years and one term, covering four years of academic training (course work and thesis) and one term of on-the-job training.

The BSCE program started with a generic program in 1987. The specialization program started with STE and CTM in AY 1992-1993 while HWR and TRE were introduced in AY 1996-1997 and AY 1997-1998, respectively. Other fields of specialization like Geotechnical Engineering and Environmental Engineering are expected to be offered in the future.

The DLSU CE Department also offers the Master's Degree program in all the fields of specialization since early 1990's and has started offering PhD Degree Program in AY 2012-2013. The CE Department is consistently recognized by CHED as a Center of Development.

The DLSU CE Department is very proud of its graduates who are now very much active in their chosen careers.

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Civil Engineering Department
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