Laboratory and Facilities

Laboratory Description Location
Biochemical Laboratory Fermentation processes, culturing of biological cells, microbiological techniques and other research work derived from biochemistry and biology are done in the biochemical process laboratory. Conventional chemical engineering meets with the rapidly evolving discoveries in biotechnology. Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
Room 216
Chemical Engineering Research Laboratory A variety of research activities are conducted in the ChE Research Laboratory, representing the diverse and dynamic research interests of the chemical engineering department. Research topics include bioethanol synthesis, production of biofuel from microalgae, arsenic remediation from groundwater, and carbon nanotubes production. Velasco Hall
Room 411
Chemistry Laboratories for Engineering Students The chemistry laboratories serve 1st-year engineering students enrolled in general chemistry laboratory courses. In addition, 2nd year and 3rd year students enrolled in analytical, organic and physical principles laboratory also use this laboratory. Velasco Hall
Rooms 409, 413, 414
Energy and Catalysis Laboratory The energy and catalysis laboratory keeps abreast with developments in catalysis and renewable energy, focusing on research investigations related to biofuels, synthesis gas, methane gas, and other non-petroleum based energy sources. Applications of microwave technology to essential oil extraction and pyrolysis of wastes are also explored. Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
Room 117
Environmental Engineering Laboratory Research work on issues related to air, water, wastewater and solid waste management, including related concerns on environmental pollution, are carried out in the environmental engineering laboratory. In addition to conventional methods of biological, physical and chemical treatment processes, new techniques are being explored in addressing problems on environmental remediation. Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
Room 219
Instrumentation Room The Instrumentation Room houses some of the sophisticated equipment of the chemical engineering department. The facility serves as a common area for instrumental analysis, where students and researchers can bring their samples and have them analyzed. Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
Rooms 215 and 217
Process Control Experiments on process control demonstrate principles on transfer functions, electronic controllers (e.g. PID), controller tuning and typical industrial process applications. Velasco Hall
Room 101
Process Simulation and Computing This laboratory is a common area where research students and faculty members can access the internet for online literature review, email, word processing, spreadsheet calculations and process simulation using computer software. The facility is also convenient for thesis mentoring of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as holding small group meetings related to research work. Science and Technology Research Center (STRC)
Room 214
Unit Operations Laboratories Traditional experiments on chemical engineering, including unit operations and reaction engineering, are performed in this laboratory. Separation processes involving mass transfer operations and mechanical separations, as well as principles from fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer and chemical reactor design, are demonstrated in the undergraduate laboratory classes. Velasco Hall
Room 102-A

Miguel Hall
Room 114

Distillation Equipment with Rectification
Used to perform distillation experiments, with or without reflux, using a sieved or packed column, under ambient pressure or under vacuum.

Location: Velasco Building 102-A
Multifunction Process Control Teaching System
(Armfield PCT40)
Used to study wide range of process control techniques in a simple basic unit, including temperature measurement and flow control.

Location: Velasco Building 101
Instrumentation Room
Houses several equipment used for research in Chemical Engineering, such as the GC-ECD and the HPLC

Location: STRC 215 and STRC 217
Instrumentation Room
Houses several equipment used for research in Chemical Engineering, such as the GC-ECD and the HPLC

Location: STRC 215 and STRC 217
Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA-Q50)
Measures mass changes and rate of weight change under controlled temperature and atmosphere. Used for pyrolysis, gasification and combustion studies of various materials.

Location: STRC 215 and STRC 217