ASEAN Center for Chemical Engineering

DLSU Chemical Engineering Department is the Center for Chemical Engineering in the ASEAN Region.

The ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN SEED-Net) has chosen the Chemical Engineering (ChE) Department of DLSU-Manila to host graduate students from other member institutions in its Masters and PhD program. Most of the likely candidates will be from the countries of Cambodia, Indonesia Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

With its high percentage of faculty with doctoral degrees, varied areas of research specialization, significant publications to refereed international scientific journals, and numerous acquisitions of laboratory equipment and instruments for research, the Chemical Engineering Program was deemed by the AUN/SEED-Net Steering Committee as a strong program.

Last year, in an international meeting held at DLSU-Manila, AUN/SEED- urged the University to accept more international students particularly from the mentioned neighboring countries, who want to obtain graduate degrees in engineering.

Sandwich Program for PhD Students

The AUN/SEED-Net which is supported mainly by Japanese Government through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has an interesting program called the Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program. It is a three year program, during which the student is given the opportunity to spend a one year study and training in Japan.

In this program, a student undertakes a course work and some preliminary research during the first year at De La Salle University and goes to Tokyo Institute of technology on the second year to work with Japanese host professors and students,. On the third year, the student goes back to the Philippines to do supplementary research and finish a thesis project at DLSU-Manila.

AUNSEED NET Support The ChE Laboratory

The AUN SEED Net provides funds to purchase major analytical equipment for Chemical Engineering instruction and Research.


BET Analyser - Used to determine particle size and surface characteristics.

micro wave lab

Microwave Laboratory Station - Used for microwaved enhanced chemical reaction research.


GAS CHROMATOGRAPH - Used to determine compositon of gas mixtures.


UV-Vis Spectrophometer-Used to measure absorbance of the samle.