Graduate Programs


The DBA Program leads to a professional doctorate in business management using a transdisciplinary approach with: (1) an over-arching focus on managing for social responsibility and sustainability; and (2) an openness to case study and action research to achieve professionally relevant and sufficiently rigorous research. The Lasallian DBA is a practitioner-oriented management scholar who is able to source, assimilate, evaluate, build, and disseminate management knowledge guided by humanistic and ethical values.


The Post-Graduate Diploma Program in Management is a 27-unit program designed for young professionals who are seeking management careers in business and industry. The learner-centered program prepares participants who want to earn a master’s degree in management, business and related fields. It is IT-driven, with online learning support, and focuses on management principles, utilization of management problem-solving and decision-making tools, and acquisition of skills.


The MBA Program is a 36-unit professional management program that prepares the working professional for general management roles with competence in the various functional business areas.  It aims to develop capable and socially responsible managers for modern Philippine enterprises, and addresses principally the professional development needs of working students pursuing their studies on a partial academic load basis. 

Recognizing that these students are simultaneously influenced by factors or inputs emanating from their main preoccupation, namely their work or business, the Program specifically aims to obtain maximum synergy from the formal MBA course work and the on-the-job learning that its students experience in their work.


Recognizing that the worlds of law and business have become increasingly interdependent, FEU and then DLS Graduate School of Business joined forces to offer a dual degree program in law and management. The DLSU provides a management education that prepares graduates for results-oriented decision-making. The FEU-IL provides students with the legal and analytical tools needed to understand how law affects business and management decisions.

The dual-degree program prepares students to approach problems from the perspectives of both a business executive and a lawyer. This program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in two interrelated disciplines and to understand the interrelationships between them.