Management and Organization Department

Bridging Faith and Management Practice


“Unilever was the company I joined for my internship under the ACM program in 1999. The course helped prepare me to meet all the opportunities and challenges in the corporate environment.  The course provides a solid foundation for students who like to work in a challenging and fulfilling career in local and global multinational companies.

I am currently the Global Communications Capabilities Manager, and I am responsible for building the skills profile and develop the professional culture for the Communications function across Unilever worldwide.”

December 2000 Graduate 

“I grabbed an opportunity to join TELUS' HR Business Partners team effective August. The department is similar to what other companies would call Labor Relations/Employee Relations, but here, we have a wider scope of responsibilities. I am now acting as an HR Consultant for a number of clients that the company serves. As HR Business Partner or Consultant, we handle almost all HR needs of the specific accounts assigned to us. I can say that I am now able to apply most of the things that I have learned from ACM. I am grateful for the courses that I took in ACM like WASALAD, HUMABEH, our course on Labor, etc. I feel blessed for being given this opportunity despite not having solid experience in this field. I guess our HR heads here acknowledged my experience during my internship at Globe Telecom (I was assigned in Employee Relations back then). This is actually my career goal even before graduating - I've wanted to be an HR practitioner, not just limited to hiring/recruitment, but to be a holistic HR practitioner.

I am truly grateful for being part of the ACM program.”

April 2004 Graduate

“The ACM program gave me the edge among all my contemporaries as I embarked on my corporate career right after college.  For one, who wouldn’t consider a fresh graduate who already worked for 3 different companies for a total of 10 months?  And it did surprise me that it was more than just being easily considered for a job offer, but rather being given key roles in the company at such an early age.  I immediately landed an Assistant Brand Manager role for Universal Robina Corporation and handled the company’s 2nd biggest brand – Maxx candy.  When I moved to Procter & Gamble, I was hired as a Key Account Manager and handled the company’s 3rd largest account – Mercury Drug.  May it be the experience that ACM provided me, or the training that I acquired from the program, or the very competitive atmosphere in the classroom; I am most definitely sure that it molded me to have the right formula to win in the corporate world.
And now as a budding entrepreneur, I will definitely hone my future company bringing with me my ACM education and I am very confident that another success is on its way. “

April 2005 Graduate

“I think I’m one of the very few people who didn’t dive into the Corporate World right after the ACM Program due to my obligations to our Family Business.  Though the beauty is that the ACM Program equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and values to help turn my FAMILY BUSINESS into a Professional Corporation.  I’m currently going into my 5th Year with the Family Business and am proud of the current improvements and changes I’ve made within the Business which were thanks to my Learnings in the ACM Program.  I’m still continuing to find different ways to IMPROVE the Business to make it more like one of those Multinational Corporations I had done my Internship under.  It’s quite a tough challenge to do this but I’m grateful to the ACM Program for giving me the necessary experience to make the journey workable and enjoyable at the same time.  It was definitely an ENRICHING Program and is one of the best in DLSU!”

September 2006 Graduate

“The ACM Program is a great launching pad for those who want to enter the corporate world. It gives you the chance to network with different local and multinational companies and to work in different functional areas.

As an Account Manager in Summit Media, I handle clients from various industries and help them in their advertising campaigns. I grow revenue for my company by selling campaigns in print and digital media.”   

December 2008 Graduate

“The ACM Program's biggest selling point is the experience it gives its students. Cliche it may be, but the best way to learn what it's like to go corporate is to experience it - dressing up every day, being the new guy in the office, dealing with demanding clients and bosses, building relationships with co-workers, figuring out how to do your job and how to do it well. After 9 months of internship, I can honestly say I was very well-prepared for the corporate world.

I am currently a business analyst with the Mitchell Madison Group. We have a lot of technical work, like preparing analyses, doing deep research on topics, and crunching databases full of numbers; at the same time, our communications skills get a good workout, as we have to interview and debrief clients and negotiate with vendors. “

September 2010 Graduate

“The ACM program taught me a lot of things outside the regular classroom setting. Throughout my three (3) terms of internship stints with the different multinational companies, I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies needed for my future job. I've also enhanced certain skills like communication, interpersonal relationships and professionalism. In addition, my career path became more defined since I have found my passion through the exposures I've had with the different departments. I also got a great deal of training from the Business Management Society (BMS) and through these experiences, I found myself landing an awesome job right after graduation. Currently I am a graduate trainee of Kraft Foods Phils. Inc handling key accounts for the whole of Bicol region. The workload is great and the pressure is there but I am confident that I will do well since I got a handful of training from the ACM program.

Truly, I am proud to be an ACM student.”
April 2011 Graduate

“Through the three internships that the Applied Corporate Management program gave me, I was able to identify my strengths and get to have a feel of the different functions in a corporation. The stints that can vary from different companies also made me realize that organizational cultures are really diverse and that career planning is more than identifying the function you are passionate about, but most of all the kind of work environment you'll be energized to work with every day.

Today, I work with Customer Development of Unilever Food Solutions - helping food operators improve their businesses and make our products and services available to more people. Being able to reach and help others make me look forward in every working day. Though it is not certain whether I'll be in CD for the rest of my career, what is important is to keep an open mind to possibilities while a career is still at its start.”

April 2011 Graduate