College of Liberal Arts


Be a dynamic community of faith-inspired learners engaged in creative endeavours and scientific scholarship for the service of humanity and society, especially the marginalized.


We develop our students into ethically committed leaders and knowledge producers, grounded in the humanities and social sciences, towards social transformation in the global community.

Core Values


CLA is committed to enriching the learning experience by promoting an environment informed by faith and respect for pluralism and diversity.


CLA is committed to developing competent individuals who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.


CLA is committed to promoting community through human relationships rooted in equality, unity in diversity, and interdependence.


  • Uphold teaching and research excellence in humanities and social sciences
  • Enrich students’ understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge
  • Produce graduates with an educated mind, knowledgeable in theory and practice, who will contribute productively and ethically in their chosen fields
  • Strengthen valuable linkages with local and international organizations and institutions
  • Foster a community actively responsive to local and global issues.