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Antonio P. Contreras

Rank: Full Professor 10
Department: Political Science
College: Liberal Arts

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Biographical Note :

Dr. Antonio P. Contreras specializes in political theory and analysis, cultural theory and politics, environmental politics and the politics of everyday and ordinary lives. He is also very much involved in public intellectual work, as a regular columnist at The Manila Times, a co-host of the daily radio program Karambola at DWIZ 882 AM, and a video-blog entitled “Busting Lies” streamed at Facebook and shown in PTV 4.

He approaches his scholarship from a post-modern perspective, though not as an orthodox, but as a pragmatic scholar who uses a lot of post-colonial and post-feminist incursions. He is very much into qualitative research, but owing to his background in forest management science, he is also conversant in quantitative methods.