Prospective students in any of the undergraduate or graduate programs in Behavioral Sciences may avail of the many scholarships offered by the University. Further information on these scholarships may be viewed at

Unique to the department is the Master of Arts in Health Social Science of MAHESOS as all its students are full scholars. 1993 saw the beginning of this innovative masteral program, funded with a series of grants from The Ford Foundation – New York. Restructured as a 14-month continuous program of study, scholars are entitled to full tuition and miscellaneous fees for coursework as well as a monthly living and book allowance. Additional financial support is provided for other academic related fees, as well as a thesis grant among others. Three round-trip airfares to home base are likewise provided to successful applicants to the masteral program, in addition to the provision of registration fees for participation or attendance in local conferences. Student/Scholars are likewise provided free accident insurance for the duration of the scholarship.