A leading learner-centered teaching and research institution for education professionals in the Asia Pacific region.


To form Lasallian education professionals equipped with knowledge, competencies and skills essential for meaningful life, practice of profession, and service to Church and nation in a knowledge-driven society.

Strategic Goals

The strategic goals for the college are:

  1. develop a distinctive learner centered curriculum that integrates the Lasallian Guiding Principles with provisions for the link between theory and life;
  2. increase visibility and influence in the region through leadership and/or active involvement in professional organizations and extensive engagement in research and consultancy projects;
  3. ensure quality of educational programs and services through adherence to total quality management principles;
  4. define departmental research niche, form research laboratories or teams and engage in collaborative research to improve research and publication productivity;
  5. develop specific competencies and skills of faculty in areas relevant to departmental priorities in teaching and research;
  6. enhance opportunities for staff to develop their competencies and skills for effective delivery of services;
  7. provide equal opportunities for every student to excel and succeed in their endeavors;
  8. promote professional yet cordial relationship between faculty and students to enhance academic, personal and career development; and
  9. involve every member of the BAGCED community in the implementation of its community service program anchored on Lasallian values and charism and BAGCED competencies and strengths.