Historical Background

De La Salle College, which was established in 1911, was authorized to confer the degree of Master of Science in Education in 1930. Undergraduate programs in Education were started in 1959.

The Graduate School of Education, Arts and Science (GSEAS) was established in 1963 to respond to the need for updating secondary education in the country, through teacher training and faculty development. In 1971, GSEAS opened the Master of Science in Guidance and Counseling program, specifically designed for full-time Asian students of different ecumenical backgrounds. Thereafter, GSEAS began to focus on tertiary education, and in 1976 it implemented a program for science teachers in the collegiate level.

In 1980, GSEAS offered the first PhD program in Counseling Psychology in the country, and a PhD program in Science Education. By 1982, it also implemented a doctoral program in Educational Management, and later a Doctor of Arts in Language and Literature.

Upon the dissolution of the GSEAS, the La Salle Teacher Training Center was created to strengthen the existing education programs. In 1987, the Center became the La Salle School of Education, which, due to its dynamic growth, was elevated to college status three years later.

At present the College has five departments, offering ten (10) undergraduate single-degree programs and phasing out its 16 double-degree programs. Its graduate offerings have increased to 25 masters and seven (7) doctoral degree programs. Realizing that its strength lies in the Graduate School, the College aims to become the center for teacher training and education research in the country.