CCS - Social Action Committee (CCS-SAC)

College of Computer Studies - Social Action Committee (CCS-SAC) is formerly known as the CCS-PAGKAMULAT.


The main objective of CCS-SAC is to form socially committed faculty members, staff, and students through community involvement.


The members of CCS-SAC are faculty members (two representatives per department), staff (one representative), and student leaders (college assembly president, LSCS president, SPRINT president, and batch presidents). A Social Action Coordinator heads the committee.


The main thrusts of CCS-SAC are to:

  • implement long-term activities that will be beneficial to the students, faculty members, staff, and target beneficiaries; and
  • involve the students, faculty members, and staff in activities that focus primarily on education and health.


The primary target beneficiary of CCS-SAC is Barangay 46 and the other adopted communities of COSCA.